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    रणवीर सर द्वारा क्लास & फ़ि ...

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    रिम हॉस्टल में स्टूडेंट् ...

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    रिम डिफेंस अकैडमी में प्र ...

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    रिम क्लासेज में स्टूडेंट ...

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    Physical Preparation

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    रिम डिफेंस अकैडमी बैनर

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Welcome to RIM Defence Academy


   With absolutely no capital in hand, RIM GROUP OF EDUCATION was started by me  on 6th of May, 2012  in a small class room having capacity of just 15 students after resigned officer rank from Central police forces. With only strong determination, belief in self, hard work, support of my family and the precious guidance of Shri D.N. Chahar. My constant Endeavour in bringing awareness a...

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